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Brittany Petros born September, 9th 1974 at 10:38 am Universal Time 3:38 PM
in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, United States [45°01'N, 93°20'W]
Sun Sun
Virgo 16°34'
11th House
Moon Moon
Gemini 18°29'
8th House
Mercury Mercury
Libra 5°21'
11th House
Venus Venus
Virgo 1°30'
10th House
Mars Mars
Virgo 27°58'
11th House
Jupiter Jupiter
Pisces 12°23'Retrograde
5th House
Saturn Saturn
Cancer 16°32'
9th House
Uranus Uranus
Libra 25°38'
12th House
Neptune Neptune
Sagittarius 6°58'
2nd House
Pluto Pluto
Libra 5°55'
11th House
Ascendant Ascendant
Libra 29°52'
1st House
Midheaven Midheaven
Leo 7°04'
10th House
North Node North Node
Sagittarius 14°36'Retrograde
2nd House
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What do the symbols on my report mean?

Planet Aspect List

  Sun Squares Moon   Sun Opposes Jupiter   Sun Sextiles Saturn
  Sun Semisquare Ascendant   Sun Squares North Node   Moon Squares Sun
  Moon Squares Jupiter   Moon Semisextile Saturn   Moon Trines Uranus
  Moon Opposes North Node   Mercury Conjuncts Mars   Mercury Sextiles Neptune
  Mercury Conjuncts Pluto   Mercury Sextiles MidHeaven   Venus Semisquare Saturn
  Venus Squares Neptune   Venus Sextiles Ascendant   Venus Trines Chiron
  Mars Conjuncts Mercury   Mars Conjuncts Pluto   Mars Semisextile Ascendant
  Jupiter Opposes Sun   Jupiter Squares Moon   Jupiter Trines Saturn
  Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus   Jupiter Squares Neptune   Jupiter Squares North Node
  Saturn Sextiles Sun   Saturn Semisextile Moon   Saturn Semisquare Venus
  Saturn Trines Jupiter   Saturn Quincunx North Node   Saturn Squares Chiron
  Uranus Trines Moon   Uranus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter   Uranus Conjuncts Ascendant
  Uranus Opposes Chiron   Neptune Sextiles Mercury   Neptune Squares Venus
  Neptune Squares Jupiter   Neptune Sextiles Pluto   Neptune Trines MidHeaven
  Neptune Conjuncts North Node   Neptune Sesquiquadrate Chiron   Pluto Conjuncts Mercury
  Pluto Conjuncts Mars   Pluto Sextiles Neptune   Pluto Sextiles MidHeaven
  Ascendant Semisquare Sun   Ascendant Sextiles Venus   Ascendant Semisextile Mars
  Ascendant Conjuncts Uranus   Ascendant Semisquare North Node   MidHeaven Sextiles Mercury
  MidHeaven Trines Neptune   MidHeaven Sextiles Pluto   North Node Squares Sun
  North Node Opposes Moon   North Node Squares Jupiter   North Node Quincunx Saturn
  North Node Semisquare Ascendant   Chiron Opposes Uranus
  Chiron Sesquiquadrate Neptune

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